• Transport/American cardboard boxes

    Transport/American cardboard boxes

  • Corrugated Cardboard roll

    Corrugated Cardboard roll

  • Transport/American cardboard boxes
  • Corrugated Cardboard roll
Izrada alata za štancovanje

Izrada alata za štancovanje

Konstantno unapređujući proizvodne procese naše kompanije, a zbog velike potrebe naše proizvodnje u izradi štanc alata kao i skraćenja rokova izrade i poboljšanja kontrole kvaliteta, investirali smo u najsavremeniju opremu za izradu ravnih štanc formi za grafičku industriju.

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Cardboard boxes PAN PAK

This type of packaging is the most popular because of it’s economics and functionality. It doesn’t require diecut tool making. The form of the boxes uses maximum material with minimal waste which keeps excellent functionality and easy packaging for lowest price. Our production capacity for making this kind of boxes is 10 000 boxes per hour with ability to print 2 colors on boxes and drilling handrails and ventilation holes. For smaller amounts then 50, 100psc we also have machines and standard quality materials that we always have in stock so we can afford to finish all your requests at an agreed time.

More than 20 years of our experience and more than 500 satisfied clients that learned us that with our knowledge and all the wishes from our customers we are fulfilling, we always choose the best and the cheapest solution for the products you want in the short amount of time. We respect your time, so contact us and we will send you our best offer on the same day.

Cardboard boxes

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